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Using Original Art in Living Room Decoration

As its name would tend to suggest, your Living Room Decoration is the room that you and your family will likely spend more time in than any other, or at least more time awake in. When designing your living room, you should take the lifestyle that your family lives into account. Your living room should be a reflection of your lives, so that at all times, you feel comfortable and at peace when you are in it. One great way of accomplishing this is to add original artwork to your living room when you are decorating it.

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Original artwork is artwork that has been
created specifically for you. You may have seen pieces by the artist that had a
similar look and feel or were of a similar subject matter, but an original
piece is one that you have commissioned. The benefit of asking a contemporary painter
to create an original piece for you is that you can tell them what you have in
mind, you can ask for specific colors in a specific size, and have a piece created
that is exactly what you were looking for, without having to spend hours and
hours searching for just the right piece, to no avail.

For many families, the living room is the room that will play host to many memories. Holidays, movie nights, important conversations and other great events often take place in a living room. Using original artwork to decorate the room puts a mark on that room that is just as unique and special as the family that lives there. Many contemporary artists are thrilled to have the chance to become a part of your family’s memories by providing a backdrop on which to have memories play out for years to come. Unlike hanging a replica of a famous painting, which can be mistaken for a painting hanging in anyone else’s home, an original work will stick out in your mind’s eye forever. 

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The best way to add an original piece of
artwork to your living room is to find an artist whose work appeals to you.
Look through their pieces and decide what you really like and what you are not
so fond of. Determine where in your living room you would like to add a piece
of artwork and how big of a piece it should be. Furnish the contemporary
painter with this information and then let them get to work.

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