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Pure Wave By Prado Reviews | Pure Wave Massager | Pure Wave Cm7

Pure Wave By Prado Reviews | Pure Wave Massager | Pure Wave Cm7

Pure Wave By Prado Reviews, the cordless body massager for sports, health, and life. It's powerful, convenient and versatile. Pure Wave puts the power of massage in your hands or your partners. Let your stress ripple away.

Pure wave is easy to use, and the anti-bacterial silicone material makes it easy to clean. The Pure Wave CM-7 includes dual motors for percussion and vibration massages. The percussion power is gentle but packs a punch at 3700 rpm. You can quickly adjust the sound intensity with the variable speed controller.

The patented Air-cushion stick is one of six different massage sticks. Depending on your model, there is also a Point stick for reflexology & acupressure, a 6-head stick for deep tissue and sports massage, a body oil massage stick for deep tissue and relaxation therapy a scalp massage stick. And if you own the facial massager model, flip Pure Wave over and use the facial massage stick for a special treat.

Let Your Stress Ripple Away. You don't always have time or money for a professional massage therapist. Pure Wave is convenient and affordable. Use it daily to reduce muscle recovery time and increase well-being. The different massage sticks help Pure Wave cater to the various types of massage therapy you may need depending on your body's changing condition.

Pure Wave By Prado Reviews

Use the patented air-cushion stick for a relaxing Swedish massage. The unique silicone air-cushion will pat your body softly and painlessly. The pointing stick can be used for reflexology and acupressure type massage therapy.

It provides finger-like pressure treatment to release tightened muscles and alleviate pain. The 6-head stick is perfect for deep tissue and sports massage therapy. You should massage muscles before and after sports and constant exercise to increase performance and reduce muscle fatigue.

The body oil massage stick should be used with body oil or gel. It will provide a deeper muscle tissue massage for ultimate relaxation. Experiment with fragrant oils for aromatherapy. Enjoy a unique head massage with the scalp massage stick.

A scalp massage will release tension and increase circulation for a feeling of healthier hair. Flip Pure Wave around and turn on the facial massager. Use the facial massage stick with your facial massage cream or lotion. The gentle micro vibrations will rejuvenate your skin making it feel young and healthy.

This is an excellent product. I like the fact that it is cordless and I can take it anywhere to use it.

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Pure-Wave CM7 Cordless Massager

This product was well packaged and easy to use it holds a good charge and works well on losing up muscles and achy joints.

Pure Wave's built-in rechargeable battery lasts a long time. You can use it for 20 minutes a day for a week with only one hour of recharging. Pure Wave is easy to store and includes a convenient holder for the various components. Pure Wave By Prado Reviews... Power, Convenience and Versatility for Sports, Health and Life.

The device is cordless and portable. It's compact, weighs only 1.5 lbs, the design is slim and not bulky. You can easily use it on yourself or your partner. It comes with a stand for the device and attachments. You charge the battery which lasts for a long time. It takes about an hour to charge, and it lasts for about 2 hours.

If you use it for 20 minutes a day, it lasts for a week. The device comes with percussion mode and vibrates way, and they are both adjustable. What got me very excited was the power of this instrument. I like firm pressure, so when I saw this nail hammering video, I was like "I want to try this."

You turn on the vibrate mode by turning the dial a little bit and when it beeps turn the knob to adjust the strength. For the percussion mode, you just convert the dial without waiting for audio. And you get to enjoy between 1500-3700 rpm of power-packed hammering.

Pure Wave By Prado Reviews

It comes with six attachments that you can press on or screw on.


6-head stick is for deeper pressure on a wider area like thighs and back.


Air-cushion one is air-cushioned and soft, so it's right on the joints like knees and elbows.


Pointy one is for acupressure points and trigger points and reflexology on your foot


This flat one is to use with massage lotion or oil.


Scalp attachment is very soft, and it's useful for stimulating the entire scalp.


Finally, the facial attachment is to use in vibrate mode to massage your face with your favorite facial massage products.

Because I love acupressure, my absolute favorite is the pointy one at the highest percussion setting. I rub the sore spots on my back over the shoulder or under the shoulder. If my arm is tired I just lean against it on the couch. I also massage my hands especially the base of the thumb, forearms, legs, and feet.

Pure Wave By Prado Reviews : Whenever I can, I plan to use this before I get a massage, so my body is already looser before the massage therapist works on my body. Since it comes with different modes and attachments, this helps to make yourself and your partner and any other family members happy without effort.

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Pure-Wave CM7 Cordless Massager

This product was well packaged and easy to use it holds a good charge and works well on losing up muscles and achy joints.

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Pure-Wave CM7 Cordless Massager Body plus Facial
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